Long Term Value Added Investors


PrimeStone applies a private equity approach to investing, leveraging its founders’ combined 67 years of investment experience, board participation and management.

In-depth research
PrimeStone conducts in-depth private equity-like proprietary research to assess industries’ attractiveness and businesses’ competitive advantage. It then identifies ways to create value typically through improved governance, strategy, operations or balance sheet efficiency.

Value discipline
PrimeStone’s approach to valuation focuses on sustainable cash flow generation and a deep understanding of the gap between the price of a security and its intrinsic value.

Active sponsorship
PrimeStone believes in the power of a constructive relationship between shareholders and management. The team brings a long experience of working with company executives and boards to significantly improve businesses over many economic cycles.

Stability of capital
PrimeStone’s objective is to serve as anchor shareholder and as partner to management teams, which requires a longer term perspective and commitment than most public shareholders.